stealth lacrosse

Frequently Asked Questions


Stealth has two primary seasons; Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.  The Spring season typically runs from Mid-April through June. The Fall Season typically starts in October and is completed by the second week of December.

We practice twice per week, usually from 6:30-8:15 pm.

Unlike many other sports, travel lacrosse does not have any league games.  We only participate in tournaments.  At the 8U level, we will typically play in 3-4 tournaments per season, where you will have 2 games on a Saturday and 2-3 games on a Sunday.  During each season, we have one tournament in Orlando, and usually the other 2-3 will be local (ie. – Parkland, West Palm Beach, etc.)

Tryouts are held in August for the Fall/Winter season and in February for Spring/Summer season.

Stealth Lacrosse prides itself on being The Leader in Player Development.  Tournaments at Under-8 are 7v7 and in order to optimize playing time, we try to avoid having more than 15 players on a team. 

At the younger ages, we normally will create a second team if there are enough players or we will create a practice squad that allows newer players to master fundamental skills needed for success. 

For the Under-10 age group, most tournaments have 10v10 and a 7v7.  For the Under 12 age groups and older, all teams play 10v10.  On a 10v10 team, we typically will have 17-22 athletes per team.

For your child to progress at an optimum rate, consistent practice is a crucial element of their progress.  That being said, we understand many of our kids may play other sports or have school commitments, which may sometimes affect their ability to make every practice. 

Absolutely!  We offer optional small group trainings and individual training options for our athletes virtually all year round.

Stealth Lacrosse offers many different opportunities based on the needs and abilities of the team.  As teams progress throughout the years we often travel out-of-state to compete against some of the top competition in the country.