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Boy's Lacrosse Tournament
Saturday, June 8th and Sunday, June 9th, 2019
Parkland, FL
All Boy's Divisions Available
Registration Fee:  NO team fee, Teams will only pay for the officials on their games.
  • Always Balls on the Endlines!
  • Stopped time under 2-minutes for better game endings
  • Food Trucks and Concession Stand on site
  • Minimum of 4 Games
  • Scoreboards and Field Marshalls
  • 2 Officials per Field
  • Athletic Trainers
  • Turf and Grass Fields
  • NO Early Games
Boy's Teams
Divisions                                                       Birthdate                                     Game Format
HS Elite                                                 Graduation in 2020 or later.                  10v10
HS Rising Stars                                    Graduation in 2021 or later                   10v10
U14 - 2024 & 2023 (7th/8th grades)       Born after 8/31/2004                             10v10
U12 - 2026 & 2025 (5th/6th grades)       Born after 8/31/2006                             10v10
U10 - 2028 & 2027 (3rd/4th grades)       Born after 8/31/2008                             7v7 and 10v10
U8 -  2030 & 2029 (1st/2nd grades)        Born after 8/31/20010                           7v7
The Stealth Summer Invitational Tournament is interested in hosting the best lacrosse teams in the state at all age levels.  All teams/programs must register to play. 
Registration Fee:  NO team fee, Teams will only pay for the officials on their games.
Email for more information. 
All participants are required to complete the PLAYER WAIVER. 
Click Here to Complete the Player Waiver

The Stealth Summer Invitational will be held at Pine Trails Park, in Parkland, FL.  The facility has 2 turf fields and 3 grass fields. 

Pine Trails Park Address: 10555 Trails End, Parkland, FL 33076 MAP

Parking is available on the South end of the park.  Parking extends North of the recreation center, back to the baseball fields.  Additional parking is available at Pine Trails Elementary.

Park Rules:

  • NO Pets
  • NO BBQ Grills/Fires
  • NO Alcohol/Smoking

Tournament schedule will be posted the week prior to the tournament. 
  • Saturday each team will play 3 games.
  • Sunday round robin playoff games. 
  • Teams get breaks between games.
  • Playoffs will be set immediately following Saturday's games.
  • NO inconvenient scheduling gaps.
  • NO 8 AM game times. 

Click Here for Tournament Schedule

2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, and High School levels:  NCAA Rules and Regulations
  • On flag down situations play continues until usual stoppage or defense gains possession. Ball can come out of the restraining box and play continues.  If ball is loose and fouling team commits a technical foul, it is a time serving foul.
  • Faceoff: 3 illegal procedures in a half by a team results in a 30 second penalty.
  • All counts in effect. 20 and 10 second counts. No horns except post flag down.
  • Back Court rules in effect.  After offensive team touches ball in the offensive zone, ball cannot cross midline.
  • Sticks heads must either meet NCAA or Federation standards.

2026 and 2025

  • StealthLax rules as above with below exceptions:
  • 37" is shortest stick permitted.

2028 and 2027

  • StealthLax rules as above with below exceptions:
  • No hitting hard enough to knock players to the ground.  Body contact is allowed.
  • Longest pole is 60" in length. No more than 4 sticks between 44"-60".
  • Mercy rule, if a team is winning by 5 goals or more, the losing team will be awarded the ball after all goals at the faceoff x.


  • Two 22 minute running halves. 2 minute halftime.
  • Time (penalty, game, half) will be kept at the score table.
  • Clock is stop-start last 2 minutes of game.
  • One 30 second timeout per game (Clock Stops).
  • Time Outs: can only be called in offensive zone or during a dead ball.
  • Penalty time is stop-start.
  • Head Coach must sign scoresheet at the conclusion of a game to confirm its accuracy.
  • Field timer must be made aware of any game disputes immediately following the game.  Field timer will report an issue to the Information Tent.
  • Overtime:  Each team is allowed 1 time out (Clock Stops).
    • Non-Playoff game: one 4-minute sudden victory period, if game is tied after 4 minutes, game remains tied.
    • Playoff game: one untimed sudden victory period until there is a winner.
If you are interested in volunteering your time at the Summer Invitational Tournament, please make sure to register below.  There are several available opportunities.  Service/Community Hours will be rewarded for your time.  All the help is greatly appreciated. 
Email for more information. 
All possible vendors should contact Director Ryan Burton. 
Email for more information. 

Director Ryan Burton 

Call/Text #315-224-7700


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